21 Sep 2015

Being able to connect with an audience on the day of an event is important, but many exhibitors still fail to value the follow-up process as a key part of converting visitors into customers.

Some organisations follow-up with a phone call, others by letter or email; some organisations simply add the contacts made to their database so they automatically receive all updates and news. Here’s our thoughts on what works best:

1. Sending letters

It may seem like an old-fashioned practice in today’s digital age, but there is some evidence that direct mail can have a very positive impact on business-to-customer relations and companies are beginning to appreciate the power of snail mail yet again. It seems that the extra effort it takes to send a piece of direct mail compared to an email can really appeal; it shows care and consideration is given to the relationship and makes an individual feel valued. We recommend tailoring the communication as much as possible, so that it doesn’t look like a standard piece of marketing or ‘any old letter’, but is personalised to reflect what you know about the individual and includes the things discussed when you met. If you can think of some fun ways to jazz it up and add something memorable and meaningful, then it can really help make an impact.

2. Sending emails.

Despite what some may call the ‘novelty’ of receiving a letter in 2015, digital communications are also very effective and utilised by many for their ease and directness. The beauty of online communications with event attendees is that it can be instant – once details have been exchanged at an exhibition, for example, a welcome email can be sent immediately and links to extra information about the company or brand can also be provided. Plus one of the major selling points is that email is cheaper than direct mail, and several follow-ups can therefore be achieved at very little cost. Again, personalising the email to the things discussed at the event is important to help build on the connection you’ve already made and avoid it being seen as a cold sales email.

3. Sending another invitation.

Perhaps the most important move an event planner or exhibitor can make in order to secure a long running relationship with attendees is to invite them to another event. Providing an opportunity to meet up again face-to-face is the next logical step in creating a more engaged audience and is (or should be!) the natural instinct of event planners.

Whichever method of follow-up you use – and it’s often effective to combine all three – our experience has shown us that the most important thing is the tailoring and personalisation of the communication. If you send out a generic “We met, here’s more info” communication, it will inevitably get consigned to the bin. But if you’re able to show an understanding of the recipient’s needs and how your products or solutions might help address those needs, and what further information they might require to learn more, it makes for a much stronger connection – turning them into a potential customer rather than just a line in the database.

Our brandWallet technology helps to capture detailed information on each visitor to your stand and will show you exactly which pieces of information the visitor wanted to look at or send themselves. This means you have an immediate understanding of what products or services they’re interested in, even if you didn’t get a chance to talk with them on the stand. To learn more visit dbpixelhouse

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