08 Oct 2015

Events are one of the most popular formats businesses use to directly communicate with consumers and see a positive return on investment (ROI) for their efforts. There is something about the tangible reality of interacting at an event that cannot be replaced by digital or online experiences; but this doesn’t mean the two are mutually exclusive.
In fact, the Business2Community website has gone to the trouble of producing an article on how utilising interactive content at an event can produce better ROI for the businesses present. Interactive content is particularly helpful in generating data on event attendees, making for better targeting and quantifiable results that can be analysed for any naysayers within a business.

What we mean by this is if a business creates interactive content, then they will have a better understanding of what it is visitors are interested in, as the data has been gathered first-hand; this could be via a poll or by simply tracking the products or services researched by an attendee in real-time.

Before looking to utilise interactive content, however, exhibitors and delegates need to understand their target audience and define who they are and what it is they are looking for at the event. Understanding this will help to ensure the content provided is as relevant as possible – whether attendees are seeking a direct sell or simply more information on a business.

Next, the content itself – whether it be an interactive survey, video or quiz – must be personalised and informative, both for the consumer and the delegates. Interactive content can help to further pinpoint what it is attendees are looking for from an event by relaying data on what a visitor chose to look at, what path they followed through products or what they answered in online polls, etc. And it is far more likely that consumers will agree to answer poll questions whilst standing at an information screen on an exhibit, as opposed to following a click-through link on an email.

Interactive content can also help delegates track activities taking place during events and determine what attendees are doing, which sessions or stalls they are interacting with most and – crucially – provide an insight into these actions.

This information enables businesses to push real-time engagement with attendees they can see are primed for follow-up action or looking for more. By qualifying a prospect’s engagement and interest a business can improve lead capture and create more sales opportunities; two of the most important outcomes an event can yield.

Investing in interactive tools is a fantastic way of capturing unique and data-rich visitor information. Our brandWallet system can help you make the most of prospect insights, enabling you to create an immediate understanding of the products and services they are seeking, and to analyse this in real-time. brandWallet can also help deepen your understanding of which demographic profiles are interested in which products, providing invaluable product development and marketing insights. For more information visit: brandwallet, or contact us today.

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