26 Jan 2017

Whether it’s emails reminding you of an abandoned Amazon shopping cart or a sneaky retargeting advert popping up on Facebook, dangling the product you were browsing earlier in the week, there’s no escaping the over-arching influence of the e-commerce industry.

But these little tricks of the trade, when applied effectively, could help to boost registration at your next event, sweeping up those prospective attendees who displayed an interest but didn’t quite seal the deal. Writing these prospects off as a lost cause could mean you’re missing out on valuable revenue. Here’s how to recapture their interest:

1. Analytics is king

Event Industry News highlights the importance of analytics with the simple yet effective sentence: ‘if you’re not tracking and measuring, you are losing out on revenue’. Sign up to a service such as Google Analytics so you can gather information on the way your prospective attendees behave. This could include how they arrive at your pages, how long they stay and just where they are dropping off the map. Knowledge is power and wielding this data will help you understand what sort of promotional strategies are working as well as the point in the purchase process where you might be losing custom.

2. Streamline the registration process

It’s no secret that many a purchase has been terminated right at the last minute due to a checkout page requiring too much information. If your prospective attendee is on the verge of signing up to your event, make sure your registration process is optimised to be as streamlined as possible. Of course, collecting data is key for customisation and personalisation but your registration page is not the place to position reams of data entry forms.

2. Retarget, aim and fire

Life’s little distractions can cause prospective attendees to get sidetracked just at the crucial moment. In order to gently draw potential delegates’ attentions back to your event, Event Industry News suggests signing up to a service such as Adroll or Perfect Audience which can track those exiting from certain pages and retarget these prospects at a later date.

3. Contact via email

When it comes to gathering contact details, email addresses are key. Not only can you send out personalised messages of appreciation after an event, but you can use the names on these lists to promote future events, too. Services such as Mailchimp help make this tactic a doddle – it even offers read receipts so you’ll know if your messages are seen.


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