09 Oct 2017

One of the core values DB Systems have as an employer is to train and nurture the talent we have within our ranks. Therefore, it with great pleasure that we announce Molly Thomas has been promoted to the position of Events & Logistics Manager.

Molly joined DB back in 2015, initially as maternity cover for another employee. Molly was so brilliant that letting her go would have been a huge mistake; so, she became our Events & Logistics Coordinator on a permanent basis, taking on the responsibility of leading a team of five people. The Events and Logistics team at DB are responsible for making sure both people and kit get to where they are supposed to be for all our events, all over the world.

Molly reports to Mark Danvers, Logistics and Compliance Director, who said: “Molly always shows great energy, enthusiasm, organisation, control and steps up when needed as a team leader to manage her team and get the job done as efficiently as possible.”

Molly added: “I’m really excited by the challenge my new job will bring, whilst I’ll still oversee what happens in the department on a day-to-day basis, my focus will be on strategic planning, working alongside Mark to see how we can maximise the efficiency of the logistics department, helping to give us a competitive edge in the marketplace.”

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