Create incredible, immersive and interactive experiences

Microsoft HoloLens is a holographic headset, enabling you to engage with your digital content and interact with holograms in the world around you. Mixed reality brings people, places, and objects from your physical and digital worlds together. 

A key advantage of MR is that, unlike pure play VR, the user isn’t cocooned from the world in a solo journey, which means you can participate alongside and guide the consumer through your experience, rather than being a bystander to it. 

  • Create incredible, immersive and interactive experiences
  • Perfect for guided demonstrations and interactive walk-throughs of products
  • Unleash the power of fun, surprise and gaming to create more impact

If you’re looking for inspiration or ideas, or want to discuss how your content could be amplified through virtual reality or mixed reality, give our pixies at DBpixelhouse a call today on 0345 226 3083 or visit our VR page HERE.  


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