13 Aug 2015

You may think that attending a live event is about as social as you can get, but this is the digital age in which we are living – unless you’re active on social media whilst attending an event, then we wouldn’t go as far as saying you’re being anti-social, but you’re certainly not being as social as you could be.

Live tweeting during an event can be incredibly rewarding for both attendees and delegates. It’s one extra way to connect with a company, brand or audience and can help boost engagement. But what’s the best way to make the most of live tweeting abilities?

A recent article on the Ad Week website came up with a few tips for tweeting during an event or conference:

1. Get followers on board

There’s absolutely no point tweeting out live snapshots or insights from an event or conference if no one is following. It’s best to inform followers of your intentions to share information live, but also tell audience members of what will be happening in the online space in case they’re interested in joining the conversation too. Using more modern platforms like Vine and Periscope are also good ways of ensuring maximum reach.

2. Be relevant and memorable

Cherry-pick the most interesting and exciting images or insights to share online to really maximise the impact of live tweeting. Behind-the-scenes shots are unique and will grab the attention of followers looking for exclusive content; retweeting others will also show you have your finger on the pulse of who else is active in the online space and make it even more social. Finding relevant and popular hashtags to use will also increase engagement.

3. Ensure it’s a two-way conversation

Remember that being social doesn’t mean having a one-way conversation – reply to comments and questions, get people involved and make it a real debate. Keep the conversation on-topic and without an ulterior motive such as self-promotion.

Do you get a twitter of excitement when live tweeting? Do you find it helps with event engagement? We’re interested in helping clients maximise digital engagement at events – contact us at DB Systems to find out how we can help you tweet louder.

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