23 Apr 2012

After almost two decades of supplying exhibitors with IT & AV equipment, it’s time for us to switch from rental company to exhibitor. DBpixelhouse, our creative division, will be showcasing its ecoXpress technology at Marketing Week Live (27th – 28th June).

ecoXpress is designed specifically for companies that exhibit as it helps them reduce their environmental footprint by getting rid of the need for printed material on stands.

The ecoXpress software is installed onto a PC or laptop and interfaced with a touchscreen. The exhibitor’s corporate information is uploaded on to the software. Then, through the use of the touchscreen, stand visitors can view all the corporate information, select what is most relevant to them and email that information direct to themselves.

Through the use of ecoXpress, exhibitors benefit in the following ways:

  • Save considerable sums of money through not having to print, transport and store print material.
  • Reduce environmental footprint through not having to use paper.
  • Cut CO2 emissions caused as a result of transportation.
  • Guarantee corporate messages, or information about products and services, have been sufficiently promoted.
  •  Provide an assurance that their customers/potential customers have taken away key information.
  • Gain product specific data capture.
  • Compile contact details allowing post-show sales enquiries.

Meanwhile, event attendees also benefit from ecoXpress because they:

  • Can email the relevant information direct to their inboxes.
  • Avoid having to collect and carry around large volumes of printed material.
  • Avoid the risk of losing or damaging those brochures they have collected.

Alistair Reece, Head of DBpixelhouse, said: “As a service supplier, we understand that many companies are facing ever tighter event budgets. ecoXpress is our solution to help exhibitors potentially save thousands of pounds per event because they will not have to pay for the cost of printing and shipping. Additionally, ecoXpress offers an interactive method of communicating with clients and potential clients, important data capture, as well as helping companies promote their own environmental credentials.”

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