10 Nov 2009

DB Systems is now offering Microsoft Surface™ to the UK event and exhibition market.

Microsoft Surface™ is a revolutionary multi-touch system that allows several users to simultaneously touch up to 52 points on the screen. Users can also operate a variety of programmes and features to perform numerous functions at any one time, such as maximising and minimising windows, viewing product data, as well as animation and video content.

The advanced technology utilised by Microsoft Surface™ can also view and interact with objects placed on the screen. This allows users to move information between the system and devices like mobile phones or cameras.

DB has a reputation for providing multi-touch technology. It originally displayed a multi-touch system at Farnborough International Airshow 2008. This was the first working example of multi-touch technology to be installed at a UK event.

Oliver Richardson, Sales Director, said: “Microsoft Surface™ is a truly remarkable piece of interactive technology, which will be hugely beneficial to exhibitors.

“As a display system, it has a whole multitude of applications that will benefit exhibitors and the organisers of events and exhibitions. For example, rather than view a floor plan in a show guide, there could be a Microsoft Surface™ table in the lobby of an exhibition or conference hall. That table could allow visitors and delegates to not only bring up a floor plan, but also access a variety of information about exhibitors, as well as images and video content.

“A benefit for exhibitors is that Microsoft Surface™ offers that elusive ‘wow’ factor. People see and use the system and go away from that exhibition highly impressed with what they have experienced.”

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