23 Jan 2014

DB Group hosted a Technology Open Day for event organisers and production companies last week, showcasing a wide range of technologies including stunning screens incl one with a resolution 4 times sharper than standard HD, cutting edge video-walls, interactive product display windows and gesture activated technologies.

The event provided the perfect platform for event organisers to get the inside track on the latest event technologies available and to be inspired by the plethora of opportunities to use these technologies at their events to add value and create a real impression.

DB Group’s account managers and technicians were on hand to answer the geekiest of questions and to demo some of the more interactive technologies including gesture control technology which enables users to use their hands and bodies to control imagery on the screen.  Gesture control is one-up from the likes of Wii and Xbox because it doesn’t require the user to hold any controls, so it has a real novelty factor and is becoming increasingly popular with organisers looking to add a fun and interactive element to a feature area – for example a live ten-pin bowling competition broadcast onto big screens or a live air-guitar play off.

DB also whet organisers appetites with a full range of LCD & LED  screens and video walls, from budget options to the superlative 4k screens which have a resolution 4 times sharper than standard HD giving a stunning, crystal clear picture that is in effect sharper than real-life!  DB Sales Manager, James Barnett demonstrated how ipads can be used to control the computer powering a large format plasma or video wall which means that organisers can not only access and change content on-the-fly  themselves, but, if desirable, they could position ipads for visitors to interact with and broadcast the content on larger screens.

ecoXpres, DB’s budget-saving and eco-friendly app which enables exhibitors to load all their marketing material and presentations onto ipads and touchscreens which can then easily be viewed and downloaded by visitors, was also on display.  Sales and Marketing Director Oliver Richardson talked organisers through an example of how much a typical client saves per year by not having to print and ship brochures to their global events, and the impact this could have on both exhibitor and organiser sustainability commitments if adopted show-wide.

One of the most intriguing products on display was the relatively new, “Smart Windows” which are interactive product display cabinets, which organisers could use to create a feature area or showcase of exhibitors’ products.  The cabinets house a product behind a transparent touchscreen.  This means that information about the product can be displayed onscreen, overlaid infront of the product which remains visible. It not only provides the opportunity to choreograph a stunning product reveal – for example by playing video on the screen through which the product can’t be seen, and then dissolving to reveal the product behind at the end – but they can also be used to actively capture leads because the touchscreen element means that visitors can simply type in their email address to receive more information about a particular product.  Reed Exhibition’s Jessamy Marsden commented “Many of our events feature a showcase of exhibitor products and this would be a really innovative way to spotlight key products and provide additional information about them in a feature area.  I really like the fact they’re touchscreen and that a visitor could simply type their email address in to receive more information – generating leads for exhibitors like this would really add value.”

Also on display was the Oculus Rift headset which is a virtual reality display screen which uniquely features a seamless field of vision.  This means the wearer can not see the edge of the screen, and if they move their head up or to the side, the image moves with them so that they remain totally immersed in the environment created.  Not yet available on the consumer market, this device is incredibly powerful for gaming and creating a truly immersive experience.

Oliver Richardson commented “We wanted to inspire organisers by demonstrating the latest technologies and giving them ideas and solutions for their events. Judging by the enthusiasm, excitement and curiosity displayed here today we’ve certainly achieved that -  we’ve had a lot of interest in how ecoXpress can help organisers operate more sustainably, and also enquiries about using our technologies in event feature areas.”

We’re now using this open day as a platform to launch our roadshow which we’ll be touring around the UK over the next few months. If you would like a visit, get in touch!?

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