05 Dec 2013

DB Pixelhouse, the digital content division of AV and IT hire suppliers, DB Systems, has acquired the latest cutting edge gesture-controlled technology – Leap Motion -  to bring a touch of magic to presentations and audio-visual content on exhibition stands.

The new technology is a USB sized device which uses infra-red motion sensing to enable computers and screens to be controlled by mid-air hand and finger gestures, bringing the futuristic computing seen in Minority Report and Iron Man to the present day.   The system tracks movement in 3D which means it can be used to reach and grab objects, and move them around the screen and is accurate to 1/100th of a millimetre. Users can essentially control a screen or computer as if they were a composer, using hand gestures to select and manipulate objects. Click here to see a vieo of the Leap. 

Oliver Richardson, Sales and Marketing Director comments “This is a really exciting brand new piece of technology with an accuracy which enables us to deliver solutions not previously possible through motion control.  It’s an incredibly powerful way to make presentations truly interactive and compelling, and to enable event visitors to get involved and explore a product in more detail, by zooming in or rotating objects or flipping through presentation slides at their own pace.”

DB Pixelhouse has been using gesture control to deliver interactive solutions like video walls and floors which respond to movement for years but the technology has not previously been able to identify and use the finer motor-control required to select or manipulate objects. Richardson believes this solution will be popular with agencies looking for innovative ways to position a brand beyond its competition and align themselves with the latest in cutting-edge technology. Click here to see the Leap in action.

He continues “The ability to control screens through gesture creates a real sense of intrigue at an event and is a massive draw for visitors keen to get a bit closer and understand what they’re seeing – particularly whilst the technology is so new.  You can have a lot of fun with it – from an air-guitar play-off, to creating a crowd-sourced work of art, to flying planes, to gaming.  But aside from the fun interactive uses, we will also use Leap alongside our existing product demonstration and product reveal solutions, like our transparent screens for example, which means we can replicate the interactive Minority Report style screens and visitors can delve into product images, rotate them, zoom in and explode them apart to see individual components.”

This solution is available now.  To discuss how you might use it at your next event please contact DB Systems on 0345 226 3083 or visit www.dbysystems.co.uk

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