19 Apr 2012

DB Systems has added top-of-the-range 80-inch LED screens to its ever expanding rental inventory, and tailoring its stock to cater for the waning event industry demand for standard LCD screens.

We has bought the Sharp LED screens due to demand from clients and because we are this year phasing out our LCD and plasma screen stock. This latest investment takes our current screen inventory to over 1,500 screens of various sizes, from 22" up to these 80" models.

The Sharp screens are True HD 1920x1080 screen and, despite their size, weigh just 65kg, which is half the weight of an equivalent plasma version.

Oliver Richardson, DB's Sales & Marketing Director, said: "LED technology is definitely the way forward for 2012. LED screens are lighter and thinner than the standard LCD and plasma screens, and have the added advantage of being more energy efficient. Priced at £325 per day, we expect this product to be in the 'what's hot' list for 2012.

"Our clients love it when we supply LED screens because of how they look on exhibition stands. They're almost like wallpaper, which makes them so aesthetically pleasing.

"DB Systems is a company led by innovation. We seek out the latest technologies and then offer them to the exhibition industry that craves new ideas, which is why we've spent heavily on LED."

As featured on L&Si Online

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