01 Dec 2011

The world famous Farnborough International Airshow (FIA) may be in July 2012, but we are already hard at work preparing the temporary internet and telecommunications network.

The event is due to take place from 9-15 July and it will be the second consecutive show that we will undertakes this contract, a testament to our quality and reliable service.

Over the next eight months our Event Networks and Telecoms division will install and manage a temporary internet and telecommunications infrastructure, which will eventually allow internet access and connectivity for over 350 individual companies, hundreds of journalists and thousands of members of the public expected to attend the event.

The completed network will be able to deliver VoIP telephony, faxes, as well as general internet connectivity and WiFi. The network will also provide for large upload requirements in the press areas and live video streaming, and high download speeds for all users.

David Bulley, managing director, said: “This will be the second time we’ve undertaken such an important contract for event organiser, Farnborough International Ltd. DB was the official internet and telecommunications provider for the 2010 show. We successfully delivered then and I’m confident we will do the same for the 2012 event.

“While the hardware roll-out is one aspect to this contract, the main part of our job will be the on-site support. We will have thousands of end users arriving over a two-day period. Our technicians will have to ensure that everyone can get online, sort out their VPNs, use their phones and send and receive emails from the moment the show starts.

“The impact of our network design at the 2010 event can be measured by the fact that companies maintained their ability to do business during that week and operate as if they were in their own offices.”

Following the 2010 show, a number of end users praised us for our network design. Below is a sample of the comments received.

Roberto Regina, Group ICT, Finnmeccanica

“I would like to thank you and your staff for the service and support you have provided. I know this event is very stressful and it’s not easy to guarantee excellent results but you have done a great job allowing us to work continuously during the week. Hope to work with you again.”

Tee Lerche-Lercheborg, Meggit Plc

“Thank you DB Systems for excellent work at Farnborough.”

Mark Kehoe, Sunday Express Chief Photographer

“The media centre wi-fi was unbelievably fast, huge file images away in seconds.”

Edgar Kranz, Expologistik

“You made my job setting up the network in the chalet of Embraer and supporting my client during the show very uncomplicated. Two years ago I had quite a bit of troubleshooting to do, because of internet connections not working.”

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As featured on Events Magazine and L&Si Online.

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