10 Mar 2015

The joint study from the two event bodies questioned brand marketers and event marketing executives from 100 large businesses across a range of industries, including IT, finance, automotive, healthcare and consumer products.

Whilst social marketing at events is of course very important, results have shown that exhibition leaders may not always use it to its full effect. Called "The Viral Impact Of Events: Extending And Amplifying Reach Via Social Media", the study looked at social media impressions made at previous events and tracked the most influential channels used and other metrics related to social media at events.

Some of the findings included the fact that 87% of marketers believe attendees and visitors of events are active in sharing event content on social media; around 50% of event marketers create a specific budget for social efforts at events; and 70% of the high-profile brands surveyed listed social efforts at events as 'extremely' or 'very' important.

Chris Cavanaugh, the executive vice-president of brand strategy and business insights at FreemanXP, commented: "The research proves what we've been saying all along: the integration of social and live marketing channels is becoming one of the most powerful tools for brand marketers."

He continued to conclude that "with the right planning and a robust content marketing strategy, brands can use the integration of social media and live events to engage audiences and extend the reach and frequency of their messages before, during and after live events."

What do you make of the role social media plays at events? Will you make understanding the different platforms a priority at your next event?

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