27 Apr 2015

Since our core market is the exhibitions industry, we were obviously excited by the recent announcement that Exhibition News has launched a 30 Under Thirty (EN30/30) initiative to recognise the most talented individuals involved in the exhibition industry aged under 30.
The initiative itself is, as stated, the brainchild of Exhibition News, but is also supported by Excel London and the Association of Event Organisers (AEO). It aims to not only recognise the top 30 individuals under 30 currently active in the industry, but allow them to learn from each other and leading professionals from the sector, too.
Individuals could either be nominated by their company or put themselves forward for free, with the cut-off date for applications having just passed (April 14th). Those who make it through will be officially welcomed as one of the EN30/30 on May 6th at the Sunborn Yacht Hotel in London’s Victoria Docks at a special evening celebration.
Jamie Wallis, the managing editor of Exhibition News, said: “The EN30/30 really is a fantastic opportunity. […] Just from the entries from the Exhibition News Awards alone, it is clear that there are some brilliant young minds in this industry, who are on their way to having a very successful career.” In fact, it is noted on the Exhibition News website that simply being shortlisted for this award can help to really launch the career of an individual.
Wallis concluded by saying: “My team and I are really excited about this industry push as we firmly believe it will really help top nurture and evolve young talent.”
We’re obviously highly supportive of all new talent entering the exhibitions industry and like to see them receiving recognition from high profile initiatives such as this. Our very own head of Pixelhouse, Alastair Reece, has been the recipient of a similar award, so we know first-hand the prestige it brings with it.
Do you think more needs to be done to recognise young talent within the exhibitions or events industry? Do you know anyone who’s been entered, or do you have anyone in mind to win?

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