16 Sep 2015

Creating a good event can be hard, but for event planners and organisers with a bit of experience it is usually a pretty achievable goal. Creating a great event, however, is a lot harder and often leaves those involved at a loss regarding how to achieve it.

There are a number of critical skills required in order to succeed in event planning – including organisation, excellent relationship management, the ability to handle challenges and work collaboratively as part of a team – but there are a few simple steps that event planners (and exhibitors alike) can take to ensure an event goes from good to great.

1. Invest in technology

There’s no denying that this is a digital world and customers expect high-tech solutions to be readily available; and this is as true in the events sector as it is any other. Invest in mobile solutions, RFiD technology and social networks to make the event more engaging and interactive for visitors – but also ROI measurement software and data capture services for exhibitors or the organisers themselves.

These solutions are capable of really adding value to an event in a number of different ways – for example, by helping make the event more memorable for visitors, or by turbo-boosting the data generated by the event and thus increasing the value of your leads. If you’re confused about the possibilities of event technology at events, give us a call or have a look at some of our solutions: http://www.dbpixelhouse.co.uk/home.

2. Don’t be afraid of pushing the status quo

There may be a failsafe checklist for organising and running an event that is guaranteed to deliver fairly positive results, but following a checklist will not result in a great event. Planners and organisers should actively seek to push the boundaries and challenge themselves; embrace change and new trends to make an event stand out from the crowd. If a planner takes a step out of their comfort zone, then they will be far more likely to also elevate the event out of its comfort zone and into something truly impressive.

3. Take the time to appreciate the event itself

If a planner cannot take the time to appreciate the accomplishments they have achieved, then they will be unlikely to see the event as the great success it is. In fact, all those involved in an event need to be able to take a moment to appreciate the effort that has gone into it and enjoy the shared vision, goals and values of all those involved come to fruition. Well done us!

We like to share our successes here.  If you’re looking for some inspiration, be sure to have a glance.

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