13 Apr 2015

As most people will tell you, technology has experienced a surge in investment in recent years, resulting in rapid advancements in the industry which look set to continue into the future. We know better than anyone that technology has also infiltrated the events sector and has led to events becoming highly innovative and interactive experiences for both exhibitors and visitors.
This view isn’t only shared by us here at DB Systems, but a number of other event professionals, too. Maria Schuett, a marketing and business development specialist at Central Hall Westminster, is actively involved in the ‘Meet The Future’ event series and notes in an article on Exhibition News that “technology has revolutionised the events industry.” Whilst the events industry is still built around “traditional face-to-face interaction”, she claims that “technology is so intrinsically tied into our lives generally” that events professionals “can’t ignore it and carry on doing things the same old way.”
Similarly, James Morgan – the co-founder of Event Tech Lab – is dedicated to showing event professionals the value of collaborating with event tech start-ups and utilising the “freshest event technology” available.
As the events industry continues to ride this wave of technological advancement and those involved strive to educate others as to what tech is out there, it should come as no surprise that the Event Technology Awards are expanding their category base and introducing new sectors of interest. As the awards are only in their third year of running, AV magazine reports,the fact there is already a need for yet more categories is particularly telling.
One category we are particularly interested in is the ‘Best Use of Technology for Event Analytics, Data-Collection & Insight’, as this relates directly to the aims of brandWallet, our innovative RFID solution which helps brands better manage and anslyse their leads – we will definitely be entering. Of course the other categories, such as ‘Best Technology for Event Monetisation’ and ‘Best Social Media Tool’ will also undoubtedly prove insightful.
The awards for this year will take place in November and have already recorded an increase of 50% in entries, and a 25% increase in the number of attendees compared to 2014.
As there has been such rapid growth in  the availability of technology solutions, there is real sense of urgency for event professionals to get to grips with what’s out there, and the Event Technology Awards and Meet The Future series are a great way for organisers and brands to discover new innovations.  What new technology innovations have you discovered for your events?  What solutions would you like to see developed?

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