16 Jun 2016

In a landmark moment for the events industry, this year marks the first time event technology has been officially recognised by the organisers of London Technology Week. Running from 20th - 25th June, thousands of international business visitors are expected to attend the event, experiencing the latest tech innovations in a multitude of sites around the city. And thanks to the formation of the #eventtech strand of the initiative, event technology will finally get its moment in the spotlight as it is recognised within the programme as a strand in its own right.

Supported by UBM and London & Partners, there will be seven #eventtech events showcased over a three-day time slot. The event technology series organisers have not only sought to involve a signifi-cant number of event technology companies to represent the industry, they have also launched the www.eventtech.london website, specifically targeting event professionals and marketers, in the hope that they’ll be attracted, too.

Among the events scheduled to take place are the much-anticipated Event Tech Talks, delivered by the organisation behind Event Technology Awards and Event Tech Live. Event Industry News and AMP Events Ltd recently announced the inclusion of three streamed panel sessions in the pro-gramme. Topics will take a look at key issues in the industry, from the big moves made by the major social platforms, which have allowed brands to live stream and share their experiences at events, to audience interaction and how the inclusion of VR could change events in the future.

It’s nigh time that event technology found its place at London Tech Week – we anticipate it will be a rewarding affair for events professionals and marketers alike. With over two decades of experience in the event technology industry, we make it our business to stay on top of the latest trends and in-novations, so we’ll definitely be attending. Will you?

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