23 Apr 2015

With the International Confex and Event Product Show having recently just passed, there’s been a lot in the news lately about new event technology and how the industry is evolving into a fairly advanced sector. As our area of speciality, when we came across two articles recently from the Event Industry News and Event Magazine websites both detailing some of the new tech coming to the fore of the events industry, we naturally wanted to check it out.

There are a number of futuristic new technology tools entering the events industry landscape, and here are a few of the tops ones that grabbed our attention:

Floorplan Live

This interactive experience allows professionals to change the floorplan of an event in real-time, adjusting seating and layouts accordingly to changes throughout the day. It automatically updates the floorplans on event websites, meaning that delegates and exhibitors receive the most up-to-date information possible.  Like our brandWallet app, which turns brochures into digital content, we think developments like this will see the end of printed material at events as the immediacy, accuracy and lack of wasted paper are incredibly appealing.

Phygital Selfie Machine

Essentially a photobooth designed for a bit of fun at the Confex event earlier this year, it allowed people to enhance their selfies with augmented reality – whether by inserting humorous quotes onto the image or a different backdrop.  This is similar to a project we recently did at a vet’s conference in Birmingham, where we supplied a photobooth app which they used throughout the event with funny props to create a stream of amusing content for their twitter feed.

Bing Pulse

Introduced by Microsoft at International Confex in February, this tech gives guests the chance to give their opinion on the content they are watching or interacting with at an event, either in person or online. This means that organisers can get a feel for how things are going and poll and answer questions in real-time.

Lumi Catch Tweetwall

Lumi Insight developed the Lumi Catch app to allow those hosting to be a part of public conversations about the brand or event. It can categorise tweets and display them on a tweetwall, which was used at International Confex to inform those interested who the most influential tweeters were and what they were talking about.

What other pieces of event technology do you think made a particular impact at International Confex and the Event Production Show?   What are you planning to do at your next event to spice things up, and how might you use technology to help create impact?

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