15 Apr 2015

Minister of State for Skills and Equalities, Nick Boles, has just given the go-ahead for an events industry apprenticeship scheme.

The new scheme is backed by over 20 top event management agencies and six professional associations. The companies will work together to devise the content for the new apprenticeship, which will offer a regulated route into the industry for people seeking a career in events.

A group, chaired by First Protocol Managing Director Mark Riches, is being set up to design the initiative.

“Creating a diverse, skilled and engaged workforce is absolutely critical to business success. The introduction of a specialised apprenticeship standard that will develop talent through bespoke skills development and on-the-job training is a fantastic opportunity for all of us,” Riches commented.

Nick Boles said that “giving employers the power to design apprenticeships means that apprentices graduate with the skills they need for the job they want and businesses get the talent they need to grow.”

The scheme will give new and existing employees the opportunity to develop skills the advisory board deems essential for a career in events. These skills range from budget and project management to customer service, best practice and regulation. Candidates will also learn skills which are relevant to their employers’ needs.

The apprenticeship has been created under the government’s Trailblazer programme, which puts employers ‘in the driving seat’ to test and develop the standards and the high level assessment approaches. Media for Development, a not-for-profit company in London, will provide financial support for the scheme.

Industry expert Sarah Wright has long campaigned for events apprenticeships and will advise the industry group. She acknowledged that the events industry contributes approximately £36 billion to UK’s economy, with this figure expected to rise to almost £50 million by 2020. She stressed the importance of creating a scheme which “meets the needs of the industry, that helps us broaden our recruitment pool as well as encouraging new, diverse talent into the range of exciting careers that our industry offers.”

Do you think the creation of a standardised apprenticeship scheme will benefit the events industry?

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