30 Sep 2015

We came across yet another story on the Conference News website the other day relating to the future of the events industry and how it is looking more and more positive as the months go by. Figures gathered by Eventbrite have found that in the next 12 months around 66% of professionals in the industry believe their existing events will expand, and 50% believe they will organise even more.

Over 500 professionals were questioned for the report in which two key questions were asked: How do you expect your existing events to perform in 2015? And: Are you planning to run more or fewer events in 2015?

It was revealed that 66% of the event organisers asked expect their existing events to grow this year, with less than 10% expecting them to shrink. Similarly, nearly 60% said they planned to run more events this year in response to the positive forecast.

And this fantastic prediction is also expected to translate into a recruitment drive for the industry. 31% of those questioned think their team will expand in size – particularly with marketing and communications professionals, with 37% of respondents thinking they will be the most in-demand candidates. The second most popular events professionals to hire will be those with sales experience, as cited by 33%.

However budgets are still a concern for professionals in the sector. Despite the majority expecting the size of existing events to increase, less than a quarter of professionals expect their budgets to go up in order to meet this growing demand.

But despite money issues playing on some event organisers’ minds, event tech is also due to benefit from a positive 2015, with 25% of organisers stating they plan to use a new event app in the future and 47% researching the tech, plus 31% planning on increasing their use of online marketplaces and discovery platforms.

What do you make of the results gathered by Eventbrite in this survey? If you need assistance in growing and developing your events, but (as the research suggests) need to do so on a shrinking budget, then why not contact us to see how we can use event technology to help you make an impact for less?

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