07 Mar 2016

We’ve been working in experiential marketing for a while and are pretty at-home with what it entails - namely creating a strategy built around the premise of a customer engaging with a business as the result of a direct experience.

Experiential marketing therefore has a natural affinity with the events industry. According to Event Magazine, the UK creative sector grew by 8.9% in 2014, almost double that of the economy as a whole. Experiential marketing has had a significant impact on this and plays a major part in continuing to grow the UK’s events and creative sector.

We agree with Event Magazine that with so many alternative forms of media now available to consumers, offering authentic and unique experiences via the use of experiential marketing at events is resulting in more engagement and helping to propel the industry forwards. Consumers these days are often bombarded with information from various sources, so to be offered a chance to connect on a more personal level can be incredibly effective for businesses.

As Nicky Havelaar, the managing director for the live events agency Crown, states: “Events and experiential provide a creative, yet relevant platform to engage consumers and it’s a key reason why the creative industry is thriving.”

Rob Sharp, the managing director at Pulse Group – another live events specialist company – corroborated this, claiming: “We live in a three dimensional world yet the marketing focus has historically been on two dimensional forms of communications […] As the balance has swung towards more ‘head down experiences’, so does the desire to experience more.”

It seems that the growing use of screen-based marketing is actually fuelling the desire amongst consumers for more real-life experiences, which is good news for the events industry. As Sharp concludes, “three dimensional real world experiences add colour, depth and resolution to otherwise distant and contrived brands.”

For further details on how to create an experience-led event for marketing success, contact DB Systems today and see what we can do to help you use experiential to connect more deeply with your customers.

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