16 Jul 2015

The beginning of this month had us really excited – it was the Meet The Future event in London and over 20 technology companies used this as an opportunity to showcase the latest event tech they have been working on, giving us a glimpse of what exciting things there are to come.

What really caught our attention, however, were the number of start-ups that were present – specifically the number of start-ups that (rather ironically) specialised in providing extra connectivity to event professionals; which is essentially what live events are all about.

Five start-up tech businesses were given the opportunity to pitch to delegates for three minutes, to explain and discuss how their particular business can help event professionals. There were three particular start-ups that caught our eye: Showslice; Sponsor My Event; and Headliner. These three all revolved around technology designed to help people connect in the events space.

Showslice is a free venue and supplier procurement service that helps event organisers not only search for information on venues and network with other organisers, but share infrastructure and set-up costs. According to the co-founder of Showslice, Damian Jon Oracki, it is “a tool designed to break down the barriers of communication.”

Sponsor My Event, on the other hand, had a (you guessed it) focus on sponsorship; the online platform matches events with relevant sponsors. The website is “a marketplace that brings together event sponsors and organisers”, CEO Peter Pohle stated.

Finally, Headliner aims to make a connection between event planners and entertainment suppliers by making the booking process between the two easier; an effective “Airbnb for entertainment”, co-founder and CEO Stan McLeod explains.

It seems that with this latest smattering of start-ups focussing on the power of technology to bring people together and connect buyers and sellers, tech is still evolving and continues to thrive.

What do you make of the focus from these latest businesses? Have they effectively recognised a gap in the market for their services?

Our newest technology solution, brandWallet (http://www.dbpixelhouse.co.uk/brandwallet) also focuses on the process of connecting buyers and sellers in the live environment. It uses RFID technology to unobtrusively personalise content seen around an exhibit to a visitor’s needs, and it also enables a member of the sales team to instantly view the visitors full customer profile on their handheld device. This helps them cut through the clutter to get to the heart of what the customer is truly interested in.

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