01 Apr 2015

Our new technology, brandWallet takes the admin, hassle and guesswork out of processing leads at events by using RFID technology to collect detailed data on every visitor interaction and piping it straight to your client’s CRM.

3 reasons you’ll want to recommend brandWallet to your exhibiting clients

Visitors simply tap to be automatically emailed details of products they’re interested in which means they get it instantly and the exhibitor gets data on exactly who took what which provides a powerful means of measuring ROI

Exhibitors can tailor the content a visitor sees onscreen to match their specific demographic profile – for example, language, seniority and role - which means the message is much more targeted and compelling

Immediate data visibility - unlike lightpen systems which just gives a meaningless number, exhibitors can see the visitor’s full details immediately on their device and can add notes and schedule follow-up alerts

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