15 Feb 2012

It’s time to put this matter to rest - LED is the way forward for 2012. LED screens are lighter and thinner than the standard LCD, and have the added advantage of being more energy efficient.

I’m surprised by how widespread the use of LCD remains amongst the AV rental industry when the options on offer to use thinner, brighter and lighter products are out there.

I’ve previously said that 2012 won’t be a year of technology revolution, rather technology evolution, which is what is happening with LED technology. Manufacturers are really pushing the boundaries by producing bigger LED screens (65”+) with incredible levels of resolution. I’m looking forward to seeing just how LED screens will evolve and get bigger and better over the coming year. Also, touchscreen LED is not that far away.

The huge advantage of LED is how they look on exhibition stands or as digital signage around shows. They’re almost like wall paper, which makes them so aesthetically pleasing. Our design agency customers love it when we supply LED screens.

The LED screen is also a good investment from a logistical point of view. Their lightness means it only takes one of our technicians to install them. In addition, they are so thin that we can get several in each flight case.

DB Systems is a company led by innovation. We seek out the latest technologies and then offer them to the exhibition industry that craves new ideas, which is why we’ve spent heavily on LED. Our current LED inventory stands at over 300 screens of various sizes, from 22” up to 55” screens.

This year we’ll be phasing our LCD and Plasma screen stock and, if required due to customer demand, investing in more LED screens.

We love LED, and so do design agencies, stand contractors and exhibitors. They want the latest screen technology… so let’s give them LED LCD!

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