31 Jan 2012

DB Systems has improved its customer service offering with a new Live Web Chat facility on the website.

The web chat allows customers, whether they are design agencies, organisers or exhibitors, to post any AV or IT query or problem they have. One of DB’s account managers will be on hand live to provide the answers or solutions.

Oliver Richardson, DB’s sales and marketing director, said: “The service we provide is not just about the IT & AV equipment we rent. It’s about how we interact and provide a value added service to our customers.

“There are occasions perhaps when you’re pricing something up and you just need a quick answer and live chat allows this to happen.

“Also, the Live Web Chat can be beneficial to people who are at a show and suddenly find themselves with an AV problem and need advice. Live chat is available from the lite version of our site that you’ll view from a smartphone or tablet. All people have to do is post a message and we’d respond quickly.

“Ultimately, DB Systems is a problem solving company and our areas of expertise are our service and technical experience and knowledge.”

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