30 Mar 2015

One of our unique offerings here at DB Systems is brandWallet  - a paperless event system which enables brands to leave mountains of brochures behind and display all their marketing collateral digitally – instead of taking home a heavy brochure, visitors simply swipe to email themselves the information they’re interested in.

So when an article on Event Manager Blog was published regarding other green ideas for those hosting or attending an event, we took a look to see what other green ideas we could share with you.

There’s no denying that some events can be incredibly inefficient in terms of energy usage – from lights and heating to freight shipping and delegate travel. If event organisers can save energy and benefit the planet in even the smallest way, it can make a significant difference.

There are some fun and experimental approaches to hosting a green energy event including:

Investing in people-powered events – specifically, getting visitors peddling for power. From charging their own phones with their own energy, to heating themselves a cup of coffee pedal-powered initiatives create a fun and memorable way of self-powering an event, and being green and energy neutral might appeal to some brands as a sponsorship opportunity

Providing environmentally sustainable transport – not only do event organisers need to consider the energy consumed at the event, but the energy used for delegates to reach it too. Providing green transport if the location is remote, or encouraging visitors to walk or cycle and providing detailed instructions of public transport options can help reduce energy wastage.

Increasingly, UK venues have adopted a whole host of initiatives to reduce the impact of the events they host, with extensive recycling facilities and service level agreements in place with contractors to ensure waste is minimised.  Some organisers are starting to buy into carbon offset programmes which don’t reduce event energy use directly but fund carbon emission reduction projects beyond the event – again, this could provide a potential sponsorship opportunity for a brand looking to align themselves with sustainability.

We like to think we’re doing our bit with brandWallet.  It’s a unique system  that massively increases an exhibitor’s sustainability by removing the need to print, ship and store brochures. – it even calculates the C02 saving that has been made at each event, to feed back into a brands overall sustainability targets. What other ways can you think of to help reduce energy usage at events? How do you ensure your presence at a show is sustainable? – whether in terms of the energy used or systems implemented?

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