10 Jul 2015

In order to accurately predict the future, we need to look to the past… We’re not the first ones to use this quote for business purposes (and we probably won’t be the last), but it does ring true – particularly for events. Nowadays, big data plays a huge role in modern business and pretty much every industry has access to past information that they can analyse and leverage to better inform future work; this is the same for the events industry, particularly as we get more sophisticated about data-capture methods

Whilst looking to big data gathered from social media interactions, website engagement and other forms of communications may seem like an obvious first step to take, what’s the use if no-one knows how to take the second step and effectively utilise that information? Big data can be crucial in proving event ROI and informing future operations, but without the right tools to capture and analyse the information, what’s the point?

This is where predictive analytics and data capture technology come to the rescue. Using such tools to look back over, say, social media interactions from the last event held and seeing what posts garnered the most engagement, event professionals can more accurately predict what will prove engaging at the next event.

Future events effectively feed off the data gathered from past successes, allowing them to be more successful and continue to grow and flourish. But this doesn’t necessarily mean simply sticking to what you know for a fact worked well last time – big data should never be used as an excuse to not experiment and get creative; determine what it was about certain posts or content, emails or products that worked well and try to build on it for an even more positive response to an event next time.

There are various big data analytics tools available on certain social channels – Facebook Page Insights, Twitter Analytics and Google Analytics, for example – but when it comes to events these tools stop short of providing any useful insights. If you’re looking to get better control over the data at your events, and use it to grain real insight and to better measure your ROI from events, talk to us about brandWallet, our unique paperless event system. brandWallet displays personalised information targeted to each visitor’s needs, whilst collecting rich data insights for exhibitors.  Find out how you could transform your data-collection at events to a whole new level here  http://www.dbpixelhouse.co.uk/brandwallet

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