22 Jul 2015

We already talked about the Trailblazer Apprenticeship Standard a few weeks back, but thought we’d provide a little update on how it is shaping up and what the near future holds for this exciting scheme.

There have been a couple of news articles regarding the scheme pop up of late; the first from the FE Week website discusses the latest official figures for the Trailblazer scheme. According to the article, the first nine months of the scheme have had over 300 applicants’ start, the majority of which began in the first three months of the scheme’s launch.

Whilst the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has yet to comment on these figures, the departmental body – which helped to set up and will subsequently help run the Trailblazer scheme – has appointed a new chair for its Communications and Engagement Committee. Hamish Reid, who has many years’ experience working in the events sector, will be expected to help ensure the scheme is well organised and coordinated and keep the public and partners informed of its progress. This will take the form of regular meetings, the creation of press releases, and a new website and social media accounts for the scheme.

Reid commented on his position, stating: “I am delighted to have been asked to chair the Communications and Engagement Committee. My experience with MPI UK&I and its goal of helping tomorrow’s talent is a natural fit for Trailblazers.”

But, despite these news stories regarding the scheme’s development, some are still unaware of exactly how it will work. Thankfully the C&IT Magazine has also recently produced an article detailing how the scheme will work in real-terms.

The article reiterates the fact that the scheme is designed to make it easier for employers to find and hire an apprentice, as they are directly involved in the creation and design of the standard. There is an Employer Advisory Board and a Standard Development Board to help ensure the scheme is created with all the necessary elements, and a Comms and Engagement Board that will be used to test the scheme once it is rolled out. Once all this has been tested, the standard will be formally submitted to government for approval – so employers are safe in the knowledge they helped create a scheme to their own specifications.

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We’ve always taken on apprentices and will continue to do so – are you planning to support the trailblazer scheme?

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