05 May 2015

Millennials are probably the most infamous generation around at the moment; they are the demographic taking over the workplace and those most likely to adopt new technology in their everyday lives. We’re more than aware of the influence the Millennial generation can have on businesses and it seems that those in the events industry are beginning to take this demographic seriously, with a recent article on the Event Manager blog dedicated to helping event organisers and brands attract and engage Millennials at their events.
It is noted that events and campaigns of the future will be highly influenced by Millennials, so understanding who they are and what they need is essential for those seeking event success. Firstly, Millennials (also known as Generation Y) were born roughly between 1980 and the early 2000s, meaning in today’s society they range in age from mid-teens to mid-thirties. So how can organisers and brands attract this wide-spread demographic?
Embrace mobile tech.
As stated, this generation is very happy to embrace new technology, as they have grown up in a constantly connected world and expect it. Event organisers need to ensure the website for their event is optimised for mobile, as this generation are very keen on registering, reviewing and researching online via such devices. Similarly, businesses exhibiting at events should be connecting with Millennials via mobile and sharing / talking with them in real-time. QR codes are one way of providing quick-links to information for Millennials on-the-go.
Don’t neglect social media.
The power that Millennials have on social media – and the power social media has on the business landscape as a whole – is phenomenal. Brands and event organisers avoiding any kind of engagement with social media do so at their peril; an updated and strong social presence will help to garner interest from this group and keep them engaged. Photos, videos and promotional content shared via social media are all excellent ways of keeping the interest up – but keep it going during the event too with highlighted hashtags, Twitter handles and Facebook pages.
Hire someone on the inside.
What better way to attract and engage Millennials than to have one on-side? Hiring a Millennial to help with the marketing and running of an event will give any organiser or business the inside scoop on these digitally-savvy individuals.
Can you think of any other ways to attract Millennials to, and engage them at, events? Do you think there’s going to be any major differences between how Millennials and the follow-up generation – known as Generation Z – stay engaged and interested in events?

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