12 Sep 2016

The world of event planning may well be a challenging one at times but the buzz of successfully organising a memorable event is one which keeps those in the industry striving to push the boundaries of creativity that little bit more. Keeping an open mind when it comes to embracing new technologies is paramount to success in this fast-evolving sector and, although most businesses these days understand the value of social media, event marketing requires platforms to be used in just the right way in order to gain the maximum benefit.

Here are a few tips on how best to handle the big guns of social to boost your event marketing:


With its 1.65 billion users, this social giant can be utilised to help drive ticket sales and traffic to your event, but Facebook’s big plus-point is that it can be used to reach a huge targeted audience. Ensuring your event has its own page is an essential consideration, Facebook Ads can provide targeted publicity for your event and competitions along with personalised follow ups can increase engagement and help to create a buzz.


As 80% of Twitter users access and use the platform via mobile, you can rest assured that advertising will be instantaneous and the word will be spread quickly. Create a hashtag for your event and build influential relationships by re-tweeting and formulating relevant Twitter lists. Keep an eye out for active conversations and you could even request speakers to host well-publicised Twitter Chats.


Networking is a top priority for event attendees so utilise this networking platform to discover speakers for your event and draw attention from new contacts by posting interesting, engaging content and regular status updates. Create an Event Group as well as a Showcase Page to get attendees together, offer sneak previews and make their networking efforts that much easier.

The beauty of social media is that it can enhance the user experience no matter what size of event you’re planning and no matter what your budget, engaging attendees before, during and after.

For our part, we’re very accustomed to helping amplify your event or your presence at an event through social channels. For example, we’ve created photo-booth solutions for clients which enable visitors to take funny photos of themselves with props and mischief-making speech bubbles and then share them with their social networks, sending information about the event beyond the confines of the venue walls.

If you’re organizing an event at which you’re expecting a lot of social media interactions, our Event Networks team can even provide a full Wi-Fi infrastructure which will help your participants get connected and share your event more widely.

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