08 Jun 2010

The Event and Exhibiting Show 2010 will be the setting for DB Systems to showcase the innovation that is saving exhibitors thousands of pounds and reducing their environmental footprint.

DB will have a stand at the show (15-16th July) where a demonstration ecoXpress unit will be set up. ecoXpress is a touchscreen-based system that has been designed to help companies when they exhibit at events all around the world, as it removes the need for printed material on stands.

ecoXpress works by allowing those who visit an exhibition stand to browse the exhibitor’s corporate literature on touch screens. They can then choose what information is most relevant to them and email that selected information to a private email address. This means exhibitors will not have to pay for the production, transportation and storage of printed material, which can run into the thousands of pounds.

The additional benefits for exhibitors using ecoXpress include the assurance that both existing and potential customers have taken away key information, capturing product specific data, and compiling contact details allowing post-show sales enquiries.

Oliver Richardson, DB’s sales director, said: “Event and Exhibiting Show 2010 will provides us with a perfect opportunity to show off the benefits of ecoXpress to our potential clients – exhibitors, design agencies and stand builders.

“Exhibitors currently use an unnecessary amount of their event budget on the production of corporate literature. By removing the need for printed material we will be helping companies keep their event costs to a minimum.”

A recent client that used ecoXpress commented: “The ecoXpress system eliminated brochures and data sheets from the stand, creating more space for products and exhibits. Our client initially wanted the software-based system for its environmental and economical merits. But after the show, the data capture created from its users provided a valuable contacts list for the sales team.”

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