Looking for large-scale interactivity?

If you’re looking for a large-scale multi-user touchscreen, our new infra-red bar technology is just the ticket!

  • Make a whole wall interactive
  • Interactive coverage up to 40m
  • Flexible mounting options for stand design

We used the bars at Event Tech Live to turn a 9 panel HD videowall into an interactive wall which could be accessed by different customers looking at different information. When the wall wasn’t in use it played a single piece of high-impact content.   

The bars are incredibly small and discreet and are modular which enables a greater range of custom shapes and sizes, allowing your designers to be really creative with your stand design. The multi-touch screens are also perfect for organisers looking for an interactive floorplan solution, enabling visitors to delve in and out of a floorplan without interrupting the view of other visitors.


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