03 Feb 2017

The saying goes: ‘it’s not the size of your equipment, it’s what you do with it that counts’. Never could a truer word be said, especially when it comes to screens, displays and video walls at exhibitions.

We’re always talking to clients about the difference that impactful content makes, and its ability to transform a stand from ordinary to out-of-this-world. Brands spend a substantial sum of money on their stand design, on beautiful furniture, stunning lighting and on optimum positioning of the branding and creative.

More often than not, the stand will include a number of screens or video walls and most brands will do a good job of ensuring the screens display a mix of corporate video and branding messages, or they may include information on touchscreens which visitors can access.

But events are incredibly busy environments (and visitors have incredibly short attention spans) and a screen with pedestrian PowerPoint-led presentations couldn’t be further removed from one that really catches the passing visitor’s eye.

We really felt the difference for ourselves recently, when we exhibited at Event Tech Live to showcase our services. Naturally, being purveyors not only of video walls and screens but also of the content displayed on the equipment, we wanted to really show off.

We used a stunning high-resolution 2.6mm LED video wall and positioned touchscreens at jaunty angles on top of it. Our content team, @Pixelhouse, set about creating a truly captivating animation, which was synched to the music and which alternated between the entire wall and screens displaying as a single united screen. The touchscreens were used for separate content, for visitors to delve in and get more information.

We had the busiest show we’ve ever had, and watched as some of our fellow exhibitors, who were wasting their displays with static logos, fiddled with their phones and shifted from foot to foot.

It doesn’t have to be a giant LED wall to captivate, the right graphics and animation can really grab attention and be almost hypnotic in drawing in visitors to find out more.

If you’re preparing material for exhibitors, it’s worth reiterating to them the difference that impactful content can make.

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