18 Jun 2015

It seems like we’re always harping on about technology in the events industry and how it is shaping its future – but to be honest, we’re not the only ones. Plenty of events professionals are beginning to appreciate the value and evolutionary changes technology can bring about in the industry – in fact, in most industry sectors.

With this in mind, we began thinking about two of the most influential technological developments of recent years: mobile and social; and how they have changed the lives of both events professionals and events attendees. A recent survey has found that more than eight in ten US event planners will begin using event apps by next year (statistics courtesy of Cvent and The Event Marketing Institute) – but looking at the coming 12 months alone, 94% of events planners currently using mobile event apps are also looking to increase their investment in mobile tech, merely highlighting the impact this technology will have on events of the future.

Professionals are very vocal about what will influence live events in the coming years, with a recent article on Event Magazine reporting that some new trends to look out for in live events include: egolution, social wedia and simple storytelling (if you’re not aware, egolution is the next step of the selfie, and social wedia focuses on social communities as opposed to individuals). Whilst these may sound gimmicky, there’s no denying that events are headed toward a mobile and social future.

Another interesting statistic revealed by Ticketfly found that 31% of 18-34 year-old live event attendees used their mobile for 50% of the event or more. So whether events professionals like the idea of mobile or not, the figures show that professionals need to interact with the technology. Events are an opportunity to provide attendees with more content for them to consume and share; events can be leveraged to give more information and inspiration via mobile to feed into peoples’ social libraries as the event unfolds.
This links nicely back to apps and how the proliferation of live interaction can help with uptake and engagement with mobile event apps. We’ve discussed before how social and live events are a marketing match made in heaven – and mobile seamlessly fits with this.

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