07 Dec 2015

Interactivity has become increasingly important in recent years, fuelled by a change in the way we consume information, from being passive recipients to actively engaging in, contributing to and creating new content through social media sites, forums and collaborative gaming. 

Events are no different – your visitors expect to be able to interrogate information and make choices about what they see. They don’t want to see a 10 minute corporate video played end to end, they want to be able to flick through their options and delve into information that feels relevant to them.  Hence, the majority of the screens we use at events and exhibitions today are touchscreens, enabling brands to satisfy their visitors’ need to get involved with what they are seeing. 

But what if you want to get your visitors interacting with content on your stand, but on a really big high-impact scale  - what are your options?   

We’ve developed a new solution using infra-red bars which enable us to turn any surface into a multi-user touchscreen.  We can make tables, walls, even exhibits interactive and we’ve created some pretty cool installations using this technology including transparent glass walls, loaded with interactive content that can be swiped and rotated, making the end result reminiscent of Minority Report or Iron Man.  The infra-red bars are a real improvement on previous radar technology which struggled to cope with multiple simultaneous users.  With the infra-red bars, a visitor at one end of the screen can access their own slice of dedicated content, and swipe through menus or request further information at the same time as other users of the screen.  When not in use, the wall can be used to display very visual and highly impactful content.

If you want to get visitors interacting with your content, give us a call to find out how we can help or click here for ideas on other event technology solutions.

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