13 Jul 2015

We were really interested in a survey conducted by Cvent and reported on by C&IT Magazine the other day, as it provided an insight into how the brains of millennial event planners work and what they consider to be the most important aspects when it comes to constructing successful events.   There is a growing trend to differentiate marketing style and approach to match millennial requirements, as we mentioned previously: http://www.dbsystems.co.uk/how_to_get_millennials_attending_your_events

The survey questioned over 840 millennial event planners and concluded that for millennial planners, it is the cost of a venue that plays most heavily on their minds – not, as some may think, customer service. In fact, over a quarter (28%) of Millennial event planners said they would not reuse a venue if the cost was too high, compared to the 22% who said they wouldn’t reuse a venue if they received bad customer service.

This is interesting, as older generations of event planners have always generally stated that bad customer service is the first thing that would put them off reusing a venue. Other generational differences that were highlighted in the report included older planners being far more likely to source directly through a venue – in fact, 37% fewer millennial planners were likely to do this; 38% of millennial planners preferred to use online sourcing tools for this purpose.  This reflects the shift toward the use of technology in every part of the event process from planning and sourcing through to implementation and follow-up – millennials have grown up with technology solutions and therefore use online tools automatically.

The survey then moved on to question the respondents on the area in which they think event venues can improve on the most. For this question, speed of response came first.

The events industry is obviously undergoing many changes, with professionals needing to think about changing demographics and the ecosystem of technology which is emerging to enable event planners to make more intelligent decisions about their events – again something we’ve discussed before: http://www.dbsystems.co.uk/event_tech_receiving_more_attention_than_ever_b

Our data capture and measurement tool, brandWallet, enables brands to capture extensive data on visitor’s activities. It has provided our clients with some interesting insights into the actions and behaviour of different demographics and age-groups in an event environment. If you’d benefit from this kind of insight at your events, find out more here: http://www.dbpixelhouse.co.uk/brandwallet

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