04 Feb 2010

This month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (15th – 18th February) will be the stage for the first large scale unveiling of DB Systems’ newest piece of software solution for exhibitors, ecoXpress.

ecoXpress is a revolutionary touchscreen-based system that has been designed to help companies save money and reduce their environmental footprint when exhibiting at events all around the world, as it removes the need for printed brochures and corporate material.

At MWC, ecoXpress will be installed on numerous exhibits. When delegates visit those exhibits rather than taking away a printed brochure or guide, they will instead be able to browse the exhibitor’s literature on touch screens. Delegates can then choose what information is most relevant to them and email that selected information to their office computers.

In addition to the environmental and financial benefits of not having to produce and transport printed material to Barcelona, ecoXpress will also provide exhibitors with:

  • the assurance that their customers/potential customers have taken away key information
  • product specific data capture
  • contact details allowing post-show sales enquiries

Oliver Richardson, DB Systems’ sales director, said: “I’m confident that ecoXpress will provide exhibitors at Mobile World Congress with a unique, cost effective and environmentally friendly method to communicate with their customers and potential customers.

“Meanwhile, delegates will benefit from ecoXpress because rather than having to carry around large volumes of printed material, they can simply email the relevant information direct to their inboxes.”

DB Systems is the official AV supplier at MWC for the fourth year running. The event is the world’s biggest exhibition for the mobile phone industry. Over 1,300 companies and approximately 50,000 key decision makers from the industry are expected to attend.

Also available on the LS&I website.

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