21 Aug 2015

The events industry is a highly creative space and one that actively encourages professionals to be innovative and think outside the proverbial box. So, when we came across an article on the Event Magazine website detailing some of the latest and most creative tech start-up companies within the sector, we naturally wanted to share some information about them.


This is a software solution that specialises in ‘socialising presentations.’ With interactive presentations, live audience polling and attendee feedback all part and package of the software, Glisser helps to put event content directly into the audience’s hands. It helps to increase audience engagement and also allows event organisers to gather information about attendees – what they did and didn’t enjoy, and other useful demographics.

3D Sound Labs

This is a very tech-focused event start-up. The company has created headphones that use 3D sound technology to create a truly unique experience for the wearer; the selling point is that it forms an immersive experience for the wearer’s ears, instead of their eyes. In fact, the headphones are able to replicate 25 virtual speakers and head-tracking sensors to help create the sensation. This will be particularly useful for brands or event organisers as augmented reality becomes more popular.

We’ve created some really cool augmented reality solutions for our clients and hope to have an opportunity to combine 3D sound with a project soon.


A second start-up along the augmented reality line, CIMAGINE is a platform that allows users to see what web or store products would look like in their own home with the use of a tablet or smartscreen. This will allow brands to change the shopping experience for consumers and creates a unique selling opportunity.


This app caught our eye because, rather than focusing on attendees or an audience, it focuses on the staff at an event. This is essentially an online management tool for event staff, allowing managers to organise and communicate with staff in a way that is more immediate than via email. Staff can be contacted individually or as a group, keeping them updated in real time with things like schedule or location changes, for example.
There are interesting ideas here and we’re looking forward to watching these and other technologies take their place in the live environment. We think the most important rule for any tech company bringing new solutions to the events world is to ensure the product isn’t just a gimmick or purely aesthetic, but really adds value. Our brandWallet solution, which personalises the information visitors to a stand see to suit their needs whilst simultaneously capturing information on what the visitor interacted with, is all about adding value and measurability to the live event process. Take a look here.

Have you used any new technologies you’ve been particularly impressed with lately?

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