Create unforgettable visuals with transparent screens

These ground-breaking screens provide stand designers a unique opportunity to create a high-impact visual focus whilst retaining visibility through to the rest of the exhibit.

  • Create a high impact visual
  • Combine displayed information and graphics with real objects in the background
  • Create a show and tell experience
  • Completely transform the sight-lines of an exhibition stand

The screens can be programmed to display HD content which can alternate between being see-through and “solid” and so could be used to give visitors glimpses of a product positioned behind, with video or annotations which appear to interact with the product, giving it a truly show and tell ability and enabling visitors to delve in and access more information on demand.  Or the screens could be positioned to increase sight-lines and open-ness around the stand, instead of solid walling.

Resolution 1920 x 1080
Transmissivity  45%
Refresh Rate (Hz) 60
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Brightness (white) 150 cd/m² (Full Area), 500 cd/m² (1% Peak)
DVI Display port Out (loop through)
Viewing Angle 178°
Power Consumption (W) 180
Contrast 100,0 00:1


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