17 Jan 2012

DB Systems is proud to announce that James Barnett has been promoted to Senior Account Manager.

James joined us in March 2006 and after a two-and-half year stint in the operations team he moved into account management, which he took to like a duck to water. In his first month he managed to bill almost £4,000 of sales. It took him just 22 months to gross £1m of sales, which was the second fastest ever recorded by a new starter in the company’s history.

David Bulley, managing director, said: “Since starting with us, James has gone from strength-to-strength, assisting existing clients, winning new ones and always pushing the boundaries of IT & AV technology at trade shows across the world.

“This promotion recognises James’ commercial success but also the fact that he has that great combination of talent, enthusiasm and audacity - essential tools to be successful in this changing economic climate.”

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