02 Sep 2015

Our very own Alastair Reece, head of DB Pixelhouse, and Oliver Richardson, sales and marketing director for DB Systems, have been talking with Exhibition News about the value of RFID solutions in the exhibitions industry. They were responding to a previous article which suggested that the technology simply wasn’t compatible with the temporary nature of exhibitions due to high tag and reader costs, the impracticality of printing RFiD badges, site-wide infrastructure and the challenge of interpreting RFiD data. However, Ali pointed out that this is only focusing on a small segment of what RFiD can offer and, in fact, event organisers and planners are already using RFiD to service a number of their event requirements, including access control, social media link-up and data capture.
Ali pointed out that around 70% of leads are not followed up at exhibitions, which represents an awful lot of wasted businesses. This is undeniably very frustrating for events sales teams; and indeed for any professional looking to expand a business. A lack of time and resources are the most commonly cited reasons behind this lack of follow-up, along with the responsibility being shifted between sales and marketing departments and a lack of planning for lead processing.

Ali suggested that RFID technology has created an opportunity to really help streamline the data capture process, and enable brands to track interactions and measure event performance less obtrusively than with traditional data-capture methods. Pixelhouse’s brandWallet solution uses RFID not only to capture data, but also to personalize content that visitors see on every screen they look at as they walk around an exhibit – an incredibly powerful feature.

But in terms of adding value and improving follow-up it’s the ability to integrate brandWallet with a sales team’s CRM system which can really transform ROI at an event; instead of data-inputting leads or trying to match up visitor details with existing customer data records in order to send out the right follow-up, brandWallet connects directly with a CRM. This means follow-up can be instantaneous from the show, and there’s no confusion over who spoke to who and what previous conversations were had with them, eliminating 99% of the challenges associated with lead follow-up at events.

If you’d like to find out more about what brandWallet can do for you, give us a call or have a look at our website here.

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