09 Jan 2013

DB Systems can now help customers bring their products to life in dynamic fashion after investing in the DisplayLite showcase, which is ideal for exhibitors that are promoting products in the live event environment.

The technology works by placing a product into the styled white cabinet. The LCD transparent colour display has a high transmittance rate, which enables people to look right through the panel like glass and see the product, which is illuminated by bright LED lighting at the rear.

Bespoke digital content, designed by our creative division, DBpixelhouse, is then displayed on the LCD screen to enhance the perception of the product. A video of the showcase in operation can be seen here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G40C75JhJfI&feature=youtu.be.

Oliver Richardson, Sales and Marketing Director, said: “This product is hot, hot, hot and will definitely be in our top 2013 list. Our customers will find it brilliant for things like product launches as it’s a fantastic stand attracter.

“You can put any product, from drinks bottles and shoes to handbags and pens, inside the box. The content displayed on the smart screen will be specifically designed to showcase the product thereby turning any mundane item into something far more eye-catching.”

Specifications - Model 22TRANSLCDBX

  • Size: 22” - 46”
  • Type: LCD
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Power Requirements [AC]: 220 - 240V

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