01 Jun 2015

The rapid advancement of technology is changing the way almost every industry operates – and the events industry is no exception. There always seems to be some new tech start-up or trend that’s entering the industry space ready to help improve the effectiveness of events and make event professionals’ jobs easier – so we thought we’d give you a quick run-down of what we think are some of the most interesting start-ups in the events space at the moment.


This start-up specialises in imaging – specifically creating customisable photo props so that event exhibitors or brands can create an engaging guest photo booth experience. Photo booths are becoming more popular at events; the props provided by Crowdsigns have been hailed as ‘icebreakers’ by the Event Manager Blog and a fun way to make guests feel less awkward when being photographed. http://www.dbpixelhouse.co.uk/home


An interesting concept, the E-180 is a ‘match-making portal’ for event visitors and exhibitors who want to share and absorb information. They create match-making tools for those looking to learn and share details both on- and offline, creating learning hubs for interested parties.


These guys specialise in helping professionals schedule and create appointments with clients, turning any events professional into a communications and meetings Cupid – or so they say. Although the article does align B2Match with the supposedly growing Confibition market (something we discussed in a previous blog with some trepidation), we can see how their software could help.


Finally, the FoxyTasks tools help events professionals stay on top of project collaboration, budgeting and team management – meaning all those involved in events can ensure the day runs smoothly with a platform more modern than Excel.

What do you make of the above tech start-ups? Do you think they have the ability to enhance the experience exhibitors, brands and customers have at events?

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