15 Jun 2015

We were a little bit shocked here at DB the other day when we came across a report on the Event Magazine website claiming that the events industry isn’t creative enough. In what we think is possibly one of the most creative industries out there, apparently less than 40% of event professionals are considered to be creative enough – not the right-brained thinkers that the industry apparently needs.

In fact, according to the article and research (from MICEBOOK.com and London & Partners, the official convention bureau for London), over half of industry professionals (53%) claim they are under pressure to organise and provide innovative events that buck the trend and offer new and exciting themes and ideas.

This could be down to the fact that creativity is being stifled not by the professionals themselves, but by the company and those in charge. Just under 33% of the 400 event planners questioned said that risk-taking was actively discouraged by their company, and only 34% said they had free time to sit and consider new and exciting approaches to events. The staggeringly low proportion of 32% said that creative excellence is rewarded at their work.

It seems to us, therefore, that it is not necessarily that there is a lack of creativity in the industry; but rather constraints to the individuals employed.

But we don’t think it’s necessarily only creative thinkers that make for a good event planning team – those with a logical, organised approach are also essential to the successful running of events. Teams need to be made up of people other than creatives, too – it’s simply one of the skills required in what is a well-rounded job role.

Whilst the above constraints can be easily lifted, things like budgetary and time restrictions are a lot harder to overcome and we appreciate these can somewhat stifle creative free-thought. We offer free workshops to both brands and agencies on how tech can help make event experiences more creative and impactful – don’t hesitate to get in contact if you’d like more information.

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