08 Oct 2013

Our new, 3mm LED videowall has just returned from its debut in Barcelona. We’re very pleased to report that 50 sq m went up in 4 hours and we’re confident we can improve on that. The LED screen cut through the exhibition environment with a beautifully crisp display & intense bright colour.
“We know how difficult it can be to capture and maintain the attention of stand visitors. A mix of the right technology and video content can be all you need to engage visitors” David Bulley, MD DBS

Geek speak….LEDs emit light rather than reflect it which means images and video content appear much brighter than if they were displayed on other types of screens. Providing consistently high quality images, LEDs do not suffer from loss of colour if there is an unexpected drop in electrical current. The diodes are one-way electronic semiconductors, this means they respond very quickly to being switched on and off – this is particularly beneficial for video content where images are constantly moving.

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