15 May 2014

Everyone is talking about engaging with consumers, interacting with them, inspiring them, including them in your brand’s story.  But how do you actually go about achieving this – particularly in a busy exhibition environment where it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd and attract passers-by?

We wanted to share some of the innovations we’ve implemented for clients recently that might help inspire you to think differently about how your product or service can be used to attract attention at your next event


Look in to my eyes, my eyes….

Have you ever wondered what you’d look like with different coloured eyes, or thought about changing your contact lens colour?  At a recent optical event, we installed technology which enabled visitors to choose a coloured lens on a touchscreen and overlay it on a photo of themselves.  They could then annotate it, email it to themselves and post it to the photogallery on the big screen. In doing so, we’d created an experience for visitors which they would remember, meaning post-show follow up was much more warmly received. This technique could also be applied to fashion brands, cosmetics, hair products – in fact, it could be used to tie in with your brand some other way; for example you could have a selection of branded comedy hats and invite people to choose a hat and have their photo taken to enter a competition.


Watch the video - http://vimeo.com/91407580

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