30 Jun 2008

How do you launch a new Jet engine before it actually goes into production?

This was the question our customer asked us in the months running up to the Farnborough airshow.

DB Systems answer?

Going back 100 years to renew a theatrical illusion called "Peppers Ghost", rejigged and updated with the latest technology to create a "wow" factor in the 21st century. The virtual 3D holographic illusion was rented, project managed, installed and maintained by DB.

The Musion patented system is a new and unique high definition video projection system allowing spectacular freeform 3D moving images to appear within a live stage setting. It does NOT require 3D glasses or any other audience props.

Working with our customer with weekly conference calls, DB advised on the design of the system, the content and even sent a technician as an advisor for a video shoot to the USA prior to the show. This was followed up with installation by our technicians on site.

The outcome?

A 6m wide, 4m high high def. lifesize 3D hologram of the new engine, complete with virtual presenter interacting with the engine in a 3D environment. Automated LED lighting enhanced the effect.

Our customer was very pleased with the result and the presentation was the "must see" of the show for visitors and other exhibitors alike.

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