26 Sep 2016

This time last year, it wasn’t obvious what virtual reality’s (VR) entry point into the events industry would be. What a difference 12 months make. It’s now the number one trend event planners are trying to tap into – at least this is what C&IT’s latest State of the Industry Report suggests.

Our resident Geek Squad isn’t at all surprised it’s come out on top. In 2016, virtual reality has been one of the technologies that we’ve been asked about the most. With its ability to create engaging and immersive experiences for delegates that go beyond the live event itself, it taps into every marketers dream tool-kit.  However, it needs to serve an obvious purpose to create a lasting impression on attendees, and we’ve been working with clients from a range of sectors from pharma to aerospace, designing unique and inspiring content which showcases their products and solutions.

In fact, we’ve just developed a new package, designed to make VR more accessible for brands. For a fixed fee, we can provide the equipment and guidance to easily create raw content, which we can then edit into virtual reality video, customising it to the brands’ needs. We can create virtual environments from any live space – for example we’ve put together virtual tours of venues, hotels and exhibition stands as well as a virtual walk-through of a museum exhibit and an aircraft interior. The unique power of virtual reality is the ability to recreate an entire experience just using the amount of space required for someone to sit down; it’s a great way to make compelling content portable – in experiential activations, retail pop-ups or small exhibition spaces.

C&IT’s report shows that mobile apps are also high on the list of event agencies preferred technologies to employ at events and invest in. These are followed closely by delegate and event registration systems with 16% of corporates and 18% of agencies highlighting this as a main area of tech investment in 2016. We entered the Registration market in 2016 ourselves, with DBReg, an innovative RFiD-led registration solution that makes checking in at an event absolutely seamless and provides opportunities for delegates to request more information simply by swiping touchpoints around an event.

What’s becoming clear is that virtual reality, event apps and other delegate-facing technology, such as live streaming and live voting, have evolved from being considered luxury expenditure to an essential part of staying ahead of the curve. That transition is being driven by delegates themselves – they are increasingly engaging with events via smartphones and tablets, and event planners are reacting to these behavioural shifts.  

Our Geek Squad is delighted to embrace this shift in interest in event technology and we would be happy to talk with you about how our innovative solutions can really set your event or your participation in an event apart – get in touch today!

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