25 Jun 2015

The election may seem a long time ago now but we've spent  a while pondering what the electoral result means for the events industry; both for those actively involved and those merely participating. Now that the results are in, it’s time to look at the facts.
Before the new government came to power, it was revealed in March that a new strategy was to be implemented to help the UK events industry. A Business Visits & Events Board is supposedly going to be created with representatives from various areas – direct industry professionals, those employed by relevant government departments and individuals from different event and tourism boards – creating a well-rounded team.
The aim of this board is to generate enthusiasm and provide insights into three different event tiers – tier 1 represents globally relevant events with a focus on specific sectors, with impressive investment potential; tier 2 events are less influential than tier 1, but still attract government backing and investment from businesses; finally tier 3 are smaller scale events for domestic markets, rather than tier 1 and 2 which have a broader reach.
One of the manifesto pledges is to generate more political support for the events industry to help it flourish in the future. Sajid Javid, the recently appointed business secretary, stated:
“The events industry here [in the UK] is a world leader, but we recognise that it could be even better. It has become clear that there is a need for a more strategic, national approach and we want to seize the opportunity to present the UK as a competitive destination.”
Whilst there is a lot of press available relating to the new government and how it will aid events businesses, there is an equal amount of press out there on austerity measures and how these may not be a good thing for the industry.
What do you make of this promise from the new government? What do you think the events industry will look like in the future as a result of changes in parliament?

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