06 Mar 2017

Data might not necessarily be the most exciting thing about the event industry, but it’s certainly becoming a necessary element for improving performance and enhancing the attendee experience.

A significant proportion of event professionals are now prioritising the need to collect data before, during and after the event. The 2017 Event Technology Engagement Study, fielded by The Event Marketing Institute, revealed that 88% of event marketers are placing an increased focus on event data with the most important use of event technology considered to be for reporting and analytics.  As you can see, you can’t ignore data in 2017, not if you want to successfully evolve with these technology-focused times.

How you can use big data at your next event

Personalisation. Tech trends like VR, RFID, iBeacon and geolocation are helping event organisers create increasingly unique experiences, allowing delegates to access information and activities according to where they are in the venue and what they are interested in. In a nutshell, it can help you ensure your attendees only see what is relevant and enjoy a customised experience.

Real-time adjustments. With Big Data there’s no need to wait until your event’s over to figure out which stands received more traffic, or even until your next event to make the necessary tweaks. Instead, relying on the power of data you can make changes like scheduling or signage at the drop of a hat, allowing you to respond to attendee behaviour in real-time.

Crowd control. Big Data doesn’t just help you work out where your delegates are, it can tell you how dense the crowd is in certain locations too. Event planners can therefore identify areas at risk of bottle-necking quickly and use the information to put strategies in place to manage crowd-flow. This can even help you design your floor-space better for next time.

We believe Big Data is the future and that’s why we offer a full-data capture solution in brandWallet, where organisers can stay informed about the interactions that took place over an event and track all activity made by delegates. But data alone is not enough to personalise and enhance a delegate’s experience – brandWallet can help you make the most of the insights it collects, analysing data in real-time and offering invaluable product development and marketing insights.

By observing real life behaviour, data allows event organisers to analyse what attendees really want and design much more effective event experiences based on tangible evidence. To put data at the heart of your next event, contact DB Systems today.




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